Instantaneous Healing Services by LaChondevi

High Priestess LaChondevi (Psychologist, MA, Certified Master Hypnotist) will utilize psychic-spiritual-energetic healing methods, including (but not limited to) Shamanistic Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), and instant pendulum healing, to work with your Higher Self, and the Higher Self of your Twin Flame to bring deep, instant, healing to your Twin Flame connection, in a 1-hour phone session.

Commonly, we put in an exhaustible amount of energy, time, and effort into inner-healing and transformation to align with our Twin Flames. And despite ALL OUR BEST EFFORTS... Divine Union does not come in! Why is that?

The problem is, although we have experienced great healing regarding our present lives and experiences - our traumas, subconscious mind, and soul records still hold trauma, imprints, negative energies, and karmic experiences from past lives, parallel lives, parallel universes, between lives, etc. As long as we are subconsciously holding these elements, our Twin Flame Union can remain blocked.

LaChondevi will explore your soul records to uncover and bring INSTANT HEALING to your Twin Flame connection by  identifying and clearing the negative patterns, traumas, and subconscious blockages - from past lives, parallel lives, between lives, your present lives, parallel universes, etc., - that are blocking your Twin Flame REUNION and/or DIVINE UNION. SRT has been used by millions to clear and heal their hidden blocks to happiness, health, love/romance, relationships, prosperity, and spiritual growth, bringing more love, joy, fulfillment, and purpose in their lives. Each session consist of exploration of past/parallel/other lives; identifying, clearing, & healing blockages.

Session also includes bring both you and your Twin Flame into healing & love, creating harmony on spiritual-soul level, Identifying and clearing current limiting beliefs, subconsciously programming manifestation of desires, guidance, & more!